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No congregation, clergy person, lay leader, or institutions should feel isolated and alone in the important mission they offer our world.  Through your Regional Minister, Office, Board, Commissions, and volunteers, we help all who are a part of the Christian Church Capital Area thrive!

There are many ways you can support the ministry of the Christian Church Capital Area! 


Annual Fund

The Annual Fund allows individuals from around the Region and beyond to support the ministry of the Christian Church Capital Area.

Dear Capital Area Region Supporter,

The Christian Church in the Capital Area is meeting needs and helping to strengthen our congregations every day.  The ministry of the Region and our local churches is vital.  The Regional Church exists because the congregations of which you are a part are far too important to be left isolated and alone.

Your generosity, in both dollars and time to the Capital Area, makes possible:

·        Strong and vibrant networks that provide opportunities for spiritual growth, skill building, compassionate care and joyful celebrations.  From hosting leadership development events like Salt & Light Training Day to supporting pastors and congregations in crisis, the Capital Area is a vital presence in helping congregations achieve their missions.

·        Quality and faithful commissioned and ordained pastoral leaders, nurtured by the Regional Minister and the Commission on Ministry, who are better leaders through the efforts of the Capital Area.  You are part of a robust ministry that is represented when new pastors are called, clergy and congregational milestones are celebrated and attention is given when tensions arise.

·        Life-changing experiences through our camp and conference programs.  Because of your gifts and participation, our two camps/conference centers are well maintained and have high quality resources to offer spiritual care and development to our children, youth, young adults and adults who attend.

Through your gifts to the Capital Area, you have made sure the local church and its leaders are never left stranded.  When clergy and laity who lead these communities of faith need assistance, guidance, or a little extra attention in order to be more vibrant and healthy, your Capital Area team is here.  Your generosity makes our work and success possible.  I encourage you to give generously today!  Thank you.

Abundantly Yours,

Rev. Allen V. Harris

Regional Minister, Christian Church Capital Area

2019 ANNUAL FUND – Supporting Our Churches

Please return with your contribution made out to “Christian Church Capital Area” and marked “2019 Annual Fund” in the memo line to:      Christian Church Capital Area

8814 Kensington Pkwy., Ste. 208

Chevy Chase, MD 20815

If you would prefer to give online via credit card with a safe and secure site!

Please go on the web to:

Capital Area Annual Fund:

and follow the instructions there.

Regional Minister Endowment.png

Regional Minister Position Endowment Fund Campaign

Dear Friends, Family, and Colleagues,

The Regional Minister position in the Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ) is a unique position, situated “in the middle” of our church structure, between the local congregation and the General Church (denomination). Some liken the Regional Minister to a “Bishop” in the more ecclesiastically ordered tradition, and while there certainly are similarities, it is still a unique institution in our congregationally-based polity. There are 32 Regions of the Disciples Of Christ, and even though new models of leadership are being developed to address the new possibilities and challenges of the 21st century church, all of them have, in one way shape or form, a Regional Minister.

When I was considering the call to be the Regional Minister for the Christian Church Capital Area I spoke with former Regional Minister and General Minister and President, the Rev. Dick Hamm, about what he thought about this unique ministry. One of the most profound things he offered was to encourage me not to think of the Regional Minister as “pastor to the pastors,” as is often said. He invited me to think of the Regional Minister as “pastor to the *relationship* between pastor and congregation.” I would broaden that to also include “pastor to the relationship between clergy and the institution they serve” for our non-congregationally based clergy. This rings of deep truth, both to me as a local church pastor and now as a Regional Minister. The word “relationship” in this construct underscores the multitude of tasks, roles, and perspectives a Regional Minister brings to the position.

The Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ) Capital Area ( called me as its Regional Minister in March of 2015 and I began serving in June of that year. I stand in a long line of Regional Ministers and Interim Regional Ministers, such as Rev. Dr. Robert Perry, Rev. Lari Grubbs, and the Rev. Dr. Chris Hobgood, and many before them. I have chosen to celebrate my ordination Anniversary – May 19, 1991 – by inviting persons from my own life – family, friends, members and leaders from my previous ministries – as well as from the Capital Area Region and Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ) to donate to the Capital Area Region’s Regional Minister Position Endowment Fund. This Fund helps to undergird the Regional Minister position regardless of who serves in it, but certainly it is a critical resource at this time of financial insecurity in the life of the Capital Area.

The Fund was created by action of the CCCA Regional Board and Regional Assembly and is invested with the Christian Church Foundation. It is a restricted fund and 5% of corpus distributed each Dec. 31st to support the next year’s budget. At the end of March 2018, the fund totaled $40,768. Clearly this means the fund needs to grow for it to use only interest/dividends and not diminish the principal.

I invite you to give to this fund, in memory of those Regional Ministers who are no longer living and/or in honor of those who are still alive today. Please note that you can give two ways: by sending a check to the Regional Office:
Christian Church Capital Area
8814 Kensington Pkwy., Ste. 208
Chevy Chase, MD 20815-6743
Or you can give via credit card at:

Every gift – large, medium, or small – is deeply appreciated and will help support this important ministry in the life of our church. And thank you for your prayers, your words and actions of support and love, and for your financial gift.

Gratefully Yours,
Rev. Allen V. Harris

Christmas Offering

Miracles Happen In Regional Ministry!

Miracles happen every day in all our regions as we:

  • Assist congregations and leaders in claiming their unique mission and ministry, and provide resources and support.

  • Call, commission and ordain new pastors, and support and equip all pastors for their ministries.

  • Revitalize existing congregations and plan for new congregations.

  • Connect Regional Disciples to give witness to ministries of justice, hope, and compassion.

  • Provide camps, conferences, and retreats where children and youth find hope and Christ’s love and a community of faith that embraces “everyone.”

  • Make visible the care for all of God’s family through ministries of reconciliation and anti-racism.

  • Call and equip passionate leaders for today’s church.

  • Provide pastoral care for clergy and congregations.

The Christmas Special Day offering supports all of these and many other ministries of our regions.  We are inviting congregations to receive this offering December 10 and December 17.  100% of all gifts receive in Christian Church Capital Area congregations will come back to the Christian Church Capital Area Region.  You can find lots of resources to help your church understand and promote this important offering by going online to:

Your generous gifts make a difference! 

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